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Special Thanks

Special thanks to my friends and family for their support, in particular to Francesca Shaw for putting up with me spending all my time on this project, and to Caroline Holden for proof reading.

Thanks to Miran Lipovaca, Frederic Trottier-Hebert, and Jonathan Tang, authors of Learn you a Haskell, Learn you some Erlang, and Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours for inspiration, and their ideas and thoughts.

Beta Readers

Thanks to all my Beta readers for their valuable feedback, corrections, suggestions, and encouragement. Many thanks to Reddit users neelaryan, bitsbytesbikes, acesHD, CodyChan, northClan, da4c30ff, nowords, ozhank, crackez, stubarfoo, viezebanaan, JMagnum86, uNEV6X29rpf3, fortyninezeronine, skeeto, miketaylr, wonnernaus, Barthalion, codyrioux, sigjuice, yoshiK, u-n-sky,

Image Credits

Many thanks to everyone who has made their images and photos available under Creative Commons. I hope by making this book available to read online for free, I have given a small something back to the creativity and good will of the community.

All images are licensed under CC BY 2.0 unless otherwise stated.


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